Sunday, April 15, 2012

Guns N' Roses Rock Hall Reunion - Slash Takes Back The Band

Attention Axl Rose: Slash just took Guns N' Roses back. Last night in Cleveland Ohio at the Rock Hall Induction Ceremony, the power struggle in the Rock world shifted, perhaps permanently, in Slash's favor.

Without the presence of Axl, Slash rocked his lineup through 3 blistering versions of 'Mr. Brownstone', 'Sweet Child O'Mine', and 'Paradise City'.

Myles Kennedy played the part of Axl, with Gilby Clarke on guitars, Matt Sorum relinquishing the kit to Steven Adler after 'Brownstone' banging the tambourine, with Duff McKagan laying down the powerful groove on Bass.

Slash let the music do the talking and definitely proved to the world that he is the better man.

The Rock and Roll inducted the infamous Gn'R lineup with Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day emceeing the proceedings.

A video montage reminded the screaming crowd of the power and importance of the past.

Armstrong said it best, in a seemingly direct message to Axl: It's wonderful to move on and celebrate the future, but one must always look back to remember and respect the past.
Despite pleas from the podium, the crowd responded with boos, jeers and catcalls admonishing Rose for his intentional no-show.

Accepting the award were Duff McKagan, original Bassist, Steven Adler, original drummer, Slash, original Guitarist, and Matt Sorum, second generation Drummer.

Slash thanked the fans and especially his wife, Perla, who he said convinced him to show up and stand up for the fans.
Duff reminded everyone that it truly is about the songs. The songs are what brought in the fans.
Steven just beamed and seemed thrilled to be honored.
Sorum joked about receiving the phone call at his mother's house from "Slush" to come and join the band.

And then they plugged in...

The Pubic Hall crowd, a mix of rock luminaries, industry types, and 6,000 real live audience members went insane for the lineup.
The building erupted and never quite recovered after the band left the stage.
I actually felt sorry for the Chili Peppers having to follow that firestorm.

Axl Rose made a colossally bad decision to skip this event.
The opportunity to pay back some love to the world was lost.
He will pay dearly for it.

                        photo courtesy of Michael Loccisano, Getty Images


  1. I'll have to check out the video. The best thing that ever happened to GnR for their posterity sake was they quit making albums. Appetite was incredible, there were some good songs on the double albums, but after that, it got bad, quickly.

    We didn't have to watch them die a slow painful death like most bands from late 80's early 90's.

    1. You're right Pete.
      Axl has perpetuated this slow painful death for too long...


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