Monday, June 25, 2012

Dad Law #11: Teach Your Kids How To Swim

Everyone should know how to swim.  It's as important as knowing how to cross the street safely, and even more important than learning how to ride a bike.

Every kid should experience the thrill of jumping into a cool river, lake, or pool and be able to confidently enjoy the fun.  In fact, I feel so strongly about swimming that
My Dad Law #11 is: Teach Your Kids How To Swim. 
It's one of the most important things you can do as a parent.

We are definitely a "Water Family."  I was lucky enough to grow up on a beautiful inland Oakland County lake and loved every minute of every summer.  Swimming, Tubing and Skiing certainly are more fun when you aren't afraid of the water.  I took my love for the water to an extreme and made it "My Sport" by swimming competitively up through high school.  As a standing bet, $100 Cash goes to the first of my kids that can beat their old man across the pool!

We now live on Wolverine Lake and I absolutely know how lucky I am to raise my family on the water.  My children are all good swimmers and I don't worry too much about them, but my wife struggles with it since she really never took great lessons as a kid. 
I used to hear some complaining..."why do we have to learn how to swim?" but I think they are actually grateful for the experience.

Grateful Children...
Imagine that?

I was reminded this past weekend that as a parent one must always stay vigilant around the water, no matter what the situation.  A simple Little League End of Season Picnic could have taken a tragic turn when one of my son's teammates started to struggle on a swim out to the raft with his buddies. 
My "Lifeguard Dad" instincts kicked in and I helped the boy safely back to shore. 
No big thing, but I hate the thought of what could have happened had I not been in the lake with those kids.
(Just another not-so-subtle reminder that I'm glad I'm sober!)

Enjoy the summer and the water, but never ever let your guard down.
Man, I really need to start swimming some laps again...

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  1. Good advice! My wonderful wife has enrolled all 3 of our kids over and over in nearly every session of swim lessons. I didnt realize the value. However now all 3 are visibly confident and strong in the water. My youngest has treaded water at 4 for a dozen seconds until we swooped in to help. My 8 year old has helped his younger cousins more than once.. Its great advice. Shane


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