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Cimorelli Week: Katherine Cimorelli Interview

Since the dawning of the age of Rock N' Roll, kids have spent countless hours in their bedrooms singing and dancing along to their favorite Pop hits.  Just the other night, I caught my daughter swinging her hair and pantomiming to her own reflection in the bathroom mirror.  (Encore! Encore!) 

Only the courageous few can export this energy and enthusiasm from the safe confines of the home out onto the stage. 

Performing in front of the glaring general public takes a certain level of confidence and character.
Performing in front of a video camera and then uploading the recordings to the WORLD WIDE WEB takes an exceptional level of confidence and character. 
Cimorelli is an exceptional group of performers.

At 20 years old, Katherine Cimorelli is both an exceptional performer and an absolute genius.  Her brilliant idea to record an a capella version of Miley Cyrus' 2009 hit, 'Party in the USA', triggered worldwide hysteria once it hit the web.  The avalanche of followers continues to grow and Cimorelli continues to wow their fans with infectious new content.

It is with great honor today that I introduce...

Katherine Cimorelli!

Katherine, as you grow more popular by the minute, what's the hardest thing about being a "Cimorelli"?

  - The hardest thing is definitely when friends you've known for a while say things about fame and recognition and just subtly treat you a little differently.  I have some great friends I've known since I was really young who treat me exactly the same as things with the band continue to progress, and I'm so grateful for them; along with my siblings, they keep me grounded.

I can only imagine that with fame comes a lack of privacy and increased scrutiny.  Has it been difficult to adjust to being a "role model" for your fans?

  - Having a "role model" mindset is something I've always had in mind considering I have 8 younger siblings, and I try to keep a high moral standard anyway because it feels right.  I think it's definitely easy to have a lot of fun and really enjoy life, yet still keep your morals intact and maintain your role as someone your younger peers can look up to.

Are you able to go out on dates?

  - Yes, I've gone on some dates and they have been awesome! Haha

You all make it look so easy to perform in front of the camera.  Do you experience any anxiety before performing a live show?

  - I usually get a big surge of adrenaline, but it's generally a very positive experience; I LOVE performing, and seeing people smile and sing along with us, so to me the whole thing is just very joyful and natural, and something I really enjoy doing.

We've seen glimpses of your "Magical Lyric Notebook" in videos.  How often do you write?

  - Haha I actually have about a million different notebooks including a journal, a feelings book, poetry books, lyric books, a prayer journal and a quote book where I write down my favorite quotations!  Writing is something I've always had an intense connection to, and I've been writing poems since I was very young.

Where and when does inspiration strike?

  - I am inspired by any experience in which strong emotions are stirred and I'm a very emotional person so that happens a lot!  But basically if I hear a story about someone or something that inspires me, I get this huge urge to write down an emotional and picturesque account of what I've heard.  Also, if someone emotionally affects me I write about that.  It's definitely a great way to release feelings and stay grounded!

What's the most fun you've ever had with Amy?

  - Sometimes Amy and I turn up loud music in our room and dance VERY energetically!  Haha.  Also Amy is just really fun to be around and very easy-going, so whenever we're together, just baking or driving and doing errands, we always have a good time!

THANKS Katherine!
Write On!

Be sure to follow Katherine on Twitter @KathCim
Cimorelli Week finishes strong tomorrow with an interview with Christina.

Until then, here's the one that really exploded for Cimorelli...


  1. What can you ssay about Kath :) . She is awesome!!!!!!!

    ps Just liked everything she had to say.

  2. Katherine Cimorelli is a wonderful and insperational character. I love her so much. She most definitely my top idol && I will always support her through thick && thin. I will also always look up to her.

  3. she is amazing and talented!


  5. Wow, to be here to talk about Katherine's banda "Cimorelli" is already an honor. So I have to say loud and clear that I LOVE THERE. I love the songs she composed. She is truly amazing. What I have to tell them is that I want them to continue to shine, the brightness of each never ends, because they depend on me it will not be over.

    I am a BIG FAN OF BRAZIL. And I help you all day, I divulge the video to those you still only chanted: Christina, Katherine and Lisa, singing the National Anthem of the United States.

    And I'm very proud to say this: I AM A BOY OF THE CIM FANN

    I love you from the bottom of my heart.

    Please: follow me on Twitter: @ _FeeTomaselli_ already am followed by Lisa, Lauren and Amy!

  6. Kat with your smile and energy you light up the world and everyone in it,you make me smile when i hear you sing and smile.Keep up the great work Richard Lane from Texas

  7. I love Katherine, you can tell that shes really nice and she always have the sweetest words to say. I admire her poems and i would want to try her cookies and cupcakes. She would be a perfect mom or sister haha! :) Again thanks so much for "Cimorelli Week", im sad that its about to end :(

    1. It has been a great week, huh?

  8. There aren't words to describe the grit and excitement of Katherine and of all the members of the house Cimorelli. She worries (as mentioned in the interview) to maintain the family a state of joy and calm and not only in the family but also among his fans! You're a very special girl Katherine! His poems are spectacular, full of emotions and strong feelings is much to admire Qusta girl as well as her sisters. His smile that energy every day hope and joy is great. I congratulate Katherine and her sisters for their wonderful voice that allow the world to hear and what is considered a privilege, I would like to thank the organizer of the blog for giving us the opportunity to get to know the Cimorelli and I apologize for my english "not correct" ... Thanks Cimorelli

    1. Don't worry...your English is fine!
      Your passion shows through brightly.
      Thank you.

  9. Kathh your amazing, beautiful and talented !!! :))) Your poems are great !! I lovee you soo much <333
    PS. Come to polish ! <3

  10. Hey Katherine you a beautiful young lady. Your poems are so beautiful. I wish to Be to you friend. The way you are it like you a dream lady. Love you so much Katherine.


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