Friday, September 28, 2012

Cimorelli Week: Lisa Cimorelli Interview

Despite their current skyrocketing trajectory in the public eye, Cimorelli is far from an overnight sensation.

The popular group of sisters have been harmonizing for ages, spending years practicing and performing in and around Sacramento California, before moving to Malibu last year.  Dedication and devotion led them to sing anywhere and everywhere, all the while perfecting their ability to entertain a crowd.  As a lesson to anyone interested in musical theatre or the recording industry, take Cimorelli's example and never turn down an opportunity to sing or dance.

In 2008, Lisa Cimorelli created an official YouTube account to showcase some of these performances and a family empire was born.  The first video ever uploaded by "cimorellitheband" is of Lisa, along with her two older sisters, singing the National Anthem before a local Boxing Match.  Their gorgeous rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, in front of a sparse gathering of boxing fans, gave early followers a glimpse into what was to come.

(On a side note, has anyone else reading this ever tried to sing our incredibly challenging National Anthem????
I a Boxing Event, no less.  But that's a story for another time!)

Today, I welcome...

Lisa Cimorelli!

Lisa, I've been asking your sisters this same question and I'm curious to hear your you grow more popular by the minute, what's the hardest part about being a "Cimorelli"?

  - Haha I love my family and being a Cimorelli!  The toughest thing is keeping up with people trying to contact me.  We really do wish we could answer everyone who reaches out to us so it's very frustrating when we can't.

What music do you remember first listening to as a child?

  - A lot of classical, '80s pop and rock, '70s rock that our Dad listened to, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears...'Love Fool' by the Cardigans was my favorite song when I was 6...We listened to so many different styles of music.  I loved it all!

You all make it look so easy to perform in front of the camera.  When performing in front of a live audience, do you have a pre-show ritual to calm any nerves?

  - The only thing I get nervous about when performing live is my voice giving out or making a mistake while I'm singing.  Vocal warm-ups help calm my nerves and make me feel certain I'll do well!

If you could leave for a World Tour tomorrow, where would you love to visit and perform first?

  - Oooohhh tough question!  We'd love to go anywhere that we have fans...But right now I'm in the Fall mood and want the weather to cool down so it would be nice to go somewhere colder!  I don't really have a preference!

What's the most fun you've ever had with Dani?

  - Hahaha too many good memories to choose from...Dani and I were lying on the grass in our backyard a few weeks ago with our feet up on the swings making dance moves with our ankles...that was weird but fun!  Dani is a super fun person so a lot of things come to mind but that was one of my favorite memories with her.

Keep up the good work and hope to see you On Tour soon!

Thanks to everyone reading and make sure to follow Lisa on Twitter @LisaCim
Be sure to come back tomorrow for my great interview with Katherine.

Here's the very first video they uploaded when Lisa created the YouTube channel...


  1. Love you Lisa ♥♥

  2. I love cimorelli.. too bad they were in nyc and never said where they were during the day I was so upset. well they're leaving now but anyways, great interview as others it was short but I totally heard them saying they're answers lol

  3. wooow, i like this post! the Cimorelli girls are fantastic!! and my favourite song was lovefool too, when i was 6-7 years old. it's funny! :D
    greetings from Hungary:)

  4. love youuuuuuuuuuuu
    amo vcs !
    by marcos efron brazil !

  5. The Cim girls are so positive minded and spiritually aware. Their parents did a very good job so far :)

  6. I love you all, please follow me on twiter Mario_Cardenas3

  7. Nice interview with Lisa . Lisa is so honest when she talk's . HAHAha you can tell Dani is fun tobe around just by looking at her and you can see Lisa is the same love fun person.

  8. I looooove cimorelli<3 and specialy lisa is so inspiring to me, she's so funny, honest and down to earth.. and she's never afraid of being herself(: haha They are all really talented and beautiful!!

  9. Lisa is online the most so shes the one who fans talk to a lot, i know they all try to. I appreciate it and i understand that we are gaining more people in the Cimfam. Love them <3

  10. Lisa is so amazing :) shes so honest,funny, and so beautiful <3 Shes my role model she probably will never see this but i look up to Lisa all of the time shes changed my life for good and i love her so much cimorelli and cimfam is like a second family <3 love you guys and cimorelli your inspiring and my role models <3

    1. Great comment...

      I hope Lisa does get a chance to see this!


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