Friday, October 12, 2012

Adam Ant Concert Review: Crofoot Ballroom Pontiac

Ant Music cascaded down on the sold out crowd last night at the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, Michigan with Adam Ant, the early 80's superstar, leading the charge with an upbeat performance of time warp hits and some new material to boot.

Looking fit but surprisingly different in thick horn-rimmed glasses and a moustache, Adam Ant could have passed as more of a Johnny Depp-type pirate rather than the face painted-swashbuckler of old.  But the eager audience, some of them sporting the classic striped paint themselves, completely bought in to the vibe.

The middle of the set was heavy with crowd favorites, like 'Strip', Desperate But Not Serious', and 'Cleopatra'.  One of the new songs off of Adam Ant's scheduled January 2013 release, 'Vince Taylor', went over very well, although I wish I knew who Vince Taylor was!  Of course 'Goody Two Shoes' had the place hopping and dancing like a room full of maniacs.

A huge surprise Thursday night was the opening act: Brothers of Brazil
The two brothers, Supla and Joao, won over the crowd quickly with their incredibly unique blend of "Punk-A-Nova" mixing punk rock power with classic Brazilian grooves.  These guys are wildly famous in their own homeland and worked their tails off onstage last night to garner some new Detroit area fans.

It can't be easy to warm up a room waiting for the headliner, and I give the Brothers credit. 
Dressed in a dapper suit and playing his guitar with a passion, Joao and his drum-beating spikey-haired older brother Supla came across as true professionals.  After the show, as promised, they hung out selling and signing their own merchandise.  Check them out on iTunes and won't be disappointed!

All in all, another perfect evening of music at the Crofoot!


  1. Bowie based Ziggy Stardust on Vince Taylor

    Cum on everybody and Sweet Sixteen are well known songs.

    Imploded with drugs

    1. Wow. Thanks for the comment...

      Another Rock N' Roll misadventure story, huh?


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