Monday, October 8, 2012

Family Concert Review: Owl City at The Crofoot Ballroom

It's easy to become jaded with the concert business, especially at my age. I know I shouldn't, but I sometimes fall into the trap of evaluating everything on stage with a cynical eye.

Occasionally someone or something comes along and reminds me that attending a concert is the pinnacle of entertainment and nothing can beat it. Last night at The Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, MI was one of those nights.

Owl City delighted the sold out crowd with a classic performance of good old fashioned Pop Music. Safe, catchy, and solid songs combined with a genuine presentation made this a great night for my two younger kids, ages 10 and 12.

We arrived at 6:00 pm for a 6:30 Doors and the line literally stretched for BLOCKS with us standing almost in front of Erebus, the haunted attraction around the corner. So much for me thinking we could get a good spot in the balcony! But, RockStar Dad to the rescue. Don't worry kids, I've got this covered...

I've been to the Crofoot before so I knew that it would be a challenge for my small children to see the band in the crowded club atmosphere.  We positioned ourselves directly behind the mixing and lighting board, with the step up above the general admission main floor giving us a perfect view of the stage.  Experience and a little luck paid off and our spot in the center of the action added to the excitement.

We took turns saving this coveted spot with coordinated trips to the bathroom, merchandise stand, and the bar. I can now confidently attest to this fact:

Nothing beats sipping a Shirley Temple watching my daughter screaming at another "Detroit!" reference and seeing my son in utter awe of the stage lighting!

Owl City's resident Mr. Professor is Adam Young and he's an extremely likeable character. This gifted and talented performer fronted a great band and the crowd was eating up his every move. Fantastic songs presented with an infectious personality makes for a winning combination every time. Adam really knows his crowd and not a single curse word was uttered all night, even by the solid opener Matthew Koma. What a joy.

I loved Adam's retelling of playing the Crofoot's smaller upstairs Pike Room in years past and dreaming of the day he could set foot on the main room stage:
"Pontiac, you've made my dreams come true. Thank You!"

You know what?
My kids believed him.
I believed him.
And I still believe in the power of Pop Music.

Thanks Owl City!

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