Thursday, October 4, 2012

Triple Crown Winner: Miguel Cabrera

Congratulations to Detroit Tiger Miguel Cabrera! 
Cabrera became baseball's first Triple Crown Winner since 1967, way back when I was three years old!

It sure seems like the Tiger slugger has straightened his life out, and I commend him for that.
It certainly wasn't that long ago that he was the town's scapegoat, letting a drinking problem get in the way of his profession.

Let's hope that this guy can stay straight and sober and healthy.  He is so naturally gifted that Tiger fans should enjoy watching his feats every day on the diamond for years to come.

When the Tigers clinched the American League Central Division, it was reported that Cabrera spent most of the night celebrating privately with his family in the manager's office.  How great was it to see him smiling and carrying his beautiful daughter off the field and into the locker room?

Way to go, Miguel.
You rock!

Now, bring on the Oakland A's!
Postseason Baseball is back in the D!

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