Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Concert Review: Leonard Cohen at The Fox Theatre Detroit

The Fox Theatre in Detroit is an absolute stellar venue and last night it welcomed an absolutely stellar performer, Leonard Cohen.

Cohen, at age 78(!), slinked and scatted and knelt and skipped his way through a 3 1/2 Hour concert filled with crowd pleasing musical tales of life.  Sometimes dark tales sure, but inspiring and thought provoking none the less.

I was intrigued by Cohen's comeback story a few years ago when he returned to the road after an extended absence, but didn't pull the trigger on buying a ticket.  This time around I didn't miss it and I feel honored and privileged to say I've seen this great performer live in concert.

Cohen hopes to be on the road until he turns 80, as he told the adoring crowd last evening.  "Then, I can start smoking again."  You just get the feeling that this guy has seen it all, and done it all, and I'm in awe of his ability to captivate an audience.

With a wonderful backing band including three fabulous women singers, Cohen powered his way through song after song, some of which I was hearing for the first time.  The Fabulous Fox's acoustics did not disappoint, and every word and every note resonated perfectly all night.

Considering that almost everyone in the music business has covered a Leonard Cohen song at one point or another, some of his songs were more familiar to me than others.  'Everybody Knows' (Concrete Blonde), 'Bird On A Wire' (Johnny Cash), 'First We Take Manhattan' (REM), and 'Hallelujah' (Jeff Buckley) were all fabulous.  Other highlights for me were 'Tower of Song' which came late in the set and 'The Future' which came early.
"I've seen the future, brother.  It is murder." WHOA!

Pleas add 'The Darkness' to my list of new favorite songs:
"I caught the darkness drinking from your cup.  I said, "Is this contagious?"
You said, "Just drink it up.""

Seriously intense lyrics matched by a seriously intense delivery from a master showman.
Pure genius.

Thanks to The Wifey for coming with me on this musical journey.  I rarely see an audience wear out before the performer, and last night's marathon almost wiped some out before the finish line.  But as the weary masses filled out into the cold Detroit night just before midnight, I saw nothing but smiles.

Let me tell you something...
Leonard Cohen is no "lazy bastard living in a suit."
Leonard Cohen is The Energizer Bunny.

If you have time, please watch Concrete Blonde and then watch the master...


  1. I love the background singers, but they're a little over-powering . I've seen LC live twice, and twice it was AMAZING. He is incredible and so, so, sooo sexy.

    1. Amazing, yes.
      OK..to each his own!

      Thanks for reading!


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