Monday, January 14, 2013

Dad Law #6: Chaperone A Field Trip

All school kids love field trips.  Any chance to get out of the building and taste some freedom is always welcomed and cherished by all, except maybe by some of the teachers.  After spending day-in and day-out with the little learners, the bus ride filled with those same screaming kids can get slightly irritating.

I'll admit it...I love field trips too.
I loved them as a boy and I especially love them now that I'm a Dad.

In fact, here's another one of my Dad Laws: 
Chaperon A Field Trip.

As a Dad, it's so important to spend quality time with your kids, and what better way to do that than by volunteering to help out and tag along on a field trip.  It's super fun and super easy to be a super cool Dad on a field trip to the local museum or nature center or planetarium.  Typically, there aren't too many Dads that are interested or able to help out, so it's fairly simple to look like a hero in front of your kid and their friends and their teacher and lots and lots of Moms. I'm telling's all good.

There was a time when my kids couldn't wait to spring the forms from their backpacks and get me to sign up.  From preschool all the way through fifth grade, I've been there and done that. As they've gotten older and moved on to Middle School and High School I've occasionally run across the dreaded, "No Dad, I don't want you to chaperon THIS one, OK?!"  Those are sad conversations...

But, amazingly, I am still being asked by all three of my children to fill out the mandatory 'Criminal Background Check' form and head out for a day of brown paper bag lunches and semi-wild adventures.  Trust me, there is nothing better than being announced to a gang of kids by proudly wearing the

So listen up, Dads:
Sign the forms, put in for the time off of work, smile and get on the bus.  Go to the science center or the petting zoo or a really bad theatre production of Peter Cottontail.
Who cares what it is, just say yes.
Your kids will love you for it and you will love yourself for it too.

Some of my more recent Field Trip adventures included:
Frankemuth for German Class(making pretzels):

U of M Dearborn Nature Center:

Henry Ford Museum:

I wonder where we are going next??????

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