Friday, January 4, 2013

The Pontiac Silverdome Goes Topless

January 22, 2013 UPDATE:
Surprise, surprise...
Mother Nature tore the deflated roof panels to shreds yesterday in heavy winds,
exposing the inside of the facility to the harsh Michigan winter elements.

The Pontiac Silverdome is no more.
After sitting for years filled with nothing but the air that kept the Teflon roof from collapsing, The Silverdome is no longer Silver and is no longer a Dome.

Apparently, the power was turned off yesterday and the roof came down. 
Literally, into the building.

I was curious enough to drive by it this morning and tons of memories came flooding back to me.
Unfortunately, most of those memories are clouded with smoke. 

I never actually lit up but every time I visited the Silverdome, I might as well have been chain-smoking.
Remember during Lions' games when the cigarette smoke would rise up to the roof early in the first quarter, filling the entire domed-ceiling with a toxic haze?  Then usually by the end of the second quarter you could see the smoke-line lower itself into the sea of blue seats, engulfing the entire upper level.  I'm sure that the players themselves must have hated going into overtime since the playing field itself would be smoked out by the end of regulation.

Concerts were even worse. 
My clothes would smell so bad after a show that my parents were convinced that I'd been smoking. 
"No Mom, just another event at The Dome."

And how about that beautifully adorned, blackened and charred Christmas Tree that used to hang from the center of the ceiling?
You know, the one that acted like anti-mistletoe...
inspiring all those below it to FIGHT!
Can you imagine what that baby smelled like whenever it was lowered down from the fog?

I truly wish the new owners luck with their supposed renovation plans, but I'm skeptical.
Mother Nature will wreck havoc with the inside of that building now that the roof has been deflated and I hope someone has a well-funded plan in place.
Otherwise, I'm afraid we'll all have to get used to the hulking building going topless for another decade or so.

RIP Silverdome.
Ironic that only in death can you be allowed to breath.

Guess they're going to have to change the sign too!


  1. I just hate the place now... The staff are terrible, and simply don't know how to run a large venue. Maybe they would be able to handle a drive-in...

    1. I'm afraid it's the end of the line.


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