Monday, January 21, 2013

The Shadowboxers New Release: Red Room Review

Red Room, the first full-length release from The Shadowboxers, is an all-out blast of a Rock record.

From the catchy hooks of the opening number, 'You Are All I Need',
the Atlanta-based band comes out swinging by mixing their undeniably smooth musicianship with some incredibly beautiful vocals.  The single 'Sidewalk' keeps the groove moving and by the time the powerfully rocking 'Fixer' hits home, you'll be hooked.

The band's founding members: Adam Hoffman, Matt Lipkins, and Scott Schwartz, turned to the online fundraising site Kickstarter to generate the monies to make this album possible.  After setting a goal and firing up the campaign, The Shadowboxers soon realized that they'd made the right decision when the donations came pouring in.  "It went crazy," Hoffman gushes, "We were blown away! We set our goal at $18,000 and we were all sort of frantic that that might be too high." They ultimately raised almost twice that.  Says Schwartz, "It's a real indication of the support that we have and it opened our eyes to how many people really care."  With a full bank account and a batch of new ideas, the band packed up and headed straight to Brady Blade's studio in Shreveport Louisiana.

Lipkins notes that they worked "12-14 hour days cutting the record.  All of the songs were written before we got down there...
but some were significantly altered for the better."
"Working with Brady (Blade) was incredible.  The positive vibe with the combination of our tight time frame was such a recipe for success," adds Schwartz.

The band, which features Hoffman on vocals and lead guitars, Lipkins on vocals and keyboards, Schwartz on vocals and rhythm guitars, Ben Williams on bass, and Jaron Pearlman on drums and percussion, is a proven high energy live act that has now successfully translated their onstage vibe into the studio with dynamic results. Schwartz proudly points out that "we recorded everything LIVE in one room.  We tried to do all of our vocals in one take an attempt to re-create the live feel."

The isolation of Shreveport had it benefits.  Not only was it easier to stay focused but it also led to a fantastic surprise guest appearance.  The down and dirty rock track 'Bad Guy' features some tasty guitar licks from local boy Kenny Wayne Shepherd.  "We're all big fans.  He was in the studio to work on a Terrance Simien track" says Hoffman.  "We played him some mixes and asked him...he went in and did what he does.  Amazing."

The truly amazing part of this album, in the age of Pop Music's single hit-mentality, is how well the tracks flow together.  From the funky beats of 'Ride Home' and 'Finish What I Start' to the slow cook of 'Like All The Rest', this release rolls out extremely well through the speakers.  The absolute highlights, though, show up in the tracks that showcase how beautifully these guys can sing.  The acoustic guitars on 'From Around Here' perfectly compliment the vocals and 'Lovers In Rome' closes out the album with it's soaring, infectious, and...dare I say...gorgeous harmonies.

Red Room is everything that a great Rock N' Soul record should be.
In the never ending battle that is the music industry, Round One definitely goes to...
The Shadowboxers!

If you're a fan of great songs performed and sung by great musicians,
then go right NOW and buy Red Room.
If not, why are you reading this anyway?

To learn more about The Shadowboxers, CLICK HERE to visit their website.

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To truly appreciate The Shadowboxers, watch this acoustic version of 'Vienna':

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