Sunday, February 17, 2013

Emilie Autumn in Pontiac MI - 2/16/13 Concert Review

Emilie Autumn's 'Fight Like A Girl Tour 2013' blew through Pontiac MI on Saturday night and thoroughly fired up the Crofoot Ballroom on a freezing cold winter night.

On the stellar 2012 release 'Fight Like A Girl', Autumn laid out the musical version of her semi-autobiographical tale 'The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls' in all it's bloody and triumphant glory.  On the Crofoot stage last night, Autumn artfully brought this tale to life.  The wickedly small but wildly enthusiastic crowd got an up close and spectacular preview of this multi-talented songstress' true vision: the chance to present her story on Broadway. The dream is clearly becoming a reality and the FLAG tour feels more like a test-run for Emilie and the Bloody Crumpets, Veronica and Captain Maggots, than it does a traditional concert. 

Describing this tour stop earlier in the week, Autumn promised:
"It's more brutal, bloody, and beautiful.  There's more girl-on-girl action and glitter.
The corsets are even tighter.  It's become Victorian Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
It's a roller coaster ride.  You're going to feel like you've stepped into a dark Disneyland, and you aren't going to want to leave."

Well...she was right!

For the Plague Rats, Autumn's wonderfully diverse hard-core fan base, the evening was a chance to finally hear F.L.A.G. performed live, almost in it's entirety.  With a new Clock Tower to climb and full Asylum Gate for the performers to enter and exit, the set looks and feels more like a theatrical production than a concert stage.  With its eerie lighting and foreboding backing tracks, this show is a rich reward for years of loyal PR service.

For the uninitiated, the storyline presented enough twists and turns to win over a whole new set of fans.  For Autumn's popularity to explode, her story must attract more universal attention and judging by the reaction of the male fans in attendance last night she's on the right track.  With standout performances of  the 'Scavenger' (complete with a ten foot tall costumed monster) and a tear-jerking rendition of 'Gaslight', the despair conveyed by the "Asylum inmates" is almost as overwhelming as it is captivating.  The general admission main floor, which was sprinkled with more couples than the last few times that Emilie Autumn has visited the Crofoot, loved it and the after-show chatter was extremely positive. Only the pre-show VIP attendees, who were gifted autographed set-lists, knew that the show was cut short by two songs due to problems with Autumn's voice.

'Fight Like A Girl' is an empowering and all-encompassing mantra that should resonate strongly to the masses.  With her dogged-determination and heart-felt dedication, Emilie Autumn will surely succeed in her quest to play this show out under the "Bright Lights".

Thank you Emilie.
See you on Broadway.

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