Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lady Gaga Postpones Detroit Stop; Go See Emilie Autumn!

Lady Gaga announced today that she's postponing four of her upcoming concerts, including this Saturday's date at the Palace of Auburn Hills.  According to a post on her Twitter account last night: "Due to a case of synovitis, (severe inflammation of joints) Gaga's doctor has ordered her to postpone show in Chicago, Detroit + Hamilton"

She goes on to say in a tweet: "It will hopefully heal as soon as possible, I hate this. I hate this so much. I love you and Im sorry."

I'm not sure if they've pinpointed the exact incident that caused the nagging injury, but I could speculate that dancing in December with The Rolling Stones in MONSTER-SIZED heels could have had something to do with it!  She really tore up the stage with Mick Jagger on a version of 'Gimme Shelter', but check out those boots!

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So, if you had tickets to Saturday's performance...
Stay tuned for a rescheduled date.
If you didn't...
Don't worry about it then!

Either way this opens up your Saturday night plans here in Detroit, right?
So, what to do?

It's a no-brainer now.
Go to see Emilie Autumn at the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac!

The fabulously talented Autumn is currently touring her "Fight Like A Girl" album in the form of an off-Broadway-type musical/concert performance/theatrical extravaganza/burlesque act/empowerment fest. 
The reviews have been fantastic and I can personally vouch for her show having seen her twice in concert before.  There's nothing like it out there.

If you're undecided and not sure what to expect out of an
'Evening With Emilie Autumn', this might help.
In a quote describing her upcoming appearance, Emilie says...

"It's more brutal, bloody, and beautiful.
There's more girl-on-girl action and glitter.
The corsets are even tighter.
It's become Victorian Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
It's a roller coaster ride.
You're going to feel like you've stepped into a dark Disneyland,
and you aren't going to want to leave."


With tickets priced at only $17, this show is a bargain.
It won't be long until Autumn is either starring on Broadway or, like Lady Gaga, touring arenas like the Palace. 
Here's your opportunity to say years from now:
"I saw her once live in a tiny club in Pontiac MI!"
Don't miss it.
Besides, The Crofoot Ballroom is an awesome place to see a show.

For Tickets to see Emilie Autumn on Saturday February 16th CLICK HERE!

For more information on Emilie, CLICK HERE TO VISIT HER WEBSITE!

For more information on the Crofoot Ballroom CLICK HERE!

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