Monday, March 25, 2013

Detroit Derby Girls Roller Derby in Detroit!

Roller Derby, yes ROLLER DERBY, is alive and well here in the Motor City and I'll admit that I'm extremely late getting to this party.  Apparently, the fun has been going on for over 8 YEARS now...without me! 
(I HATE IT when that happens)

The Detroit Derby Girls League is made up of five local teams and they skate their home bouts at the Masonic Temple in downtown Detroit.  Last Saturday night, the Wifey and I went down and checked it out for the first time and let me tell you something:

A $15 ticket to spend an evening with the Derby Girls is the best entertainment value in all of Detroit!

Immediately upon entering the Masonic complex, I felt like we had stumbled onto one of the best-kept secrets in the D.  After parking in the secure lot directly behind the massive building, we were expertly directed to the Will-Call tables located near the front of the building by the extremely polite and helpful Masonic Temple staff.  A mandatory elevator ride then transported us to a Third Floor ballroom which has magically been transformed into a Flat Track Roller Derby rink, complete with seating and concessions!

Everyone, and I mean everyone, that we encountered was wonderful!  It seems that the entire organization is dedicated to making the ticket-buyer's experience great.  Drink Specials, Ultra-Cool Merchandise, a Live Band and a Kid-Friendly atmosphere were all added and unexpected bonuses.  The lively announcers explained the basics and injected a perfect mix of humor while calling the action (Think Pepper and Cotton on 'ESPN 8 The Ocho' from the movie 'Dodge Ball') and the excitement is contagious.   It's a home-grown/grass roots-type operation here but the level of professionalism is refreshing.

Even the Hot Dogs were surprisingly good!

As for the main event, we watched some incredibly impressive action on the rink as the DDG All-Stars took on an All-Star travelling team from Pittsburgh.  These women are all great athletes and the competition is truly first-class and fierce. Despite the last second controversy which resulted in an excruciatingly tense referee huddle up, the back and forth bout Saturday night concluded with a ONE POINT VICTORY for our local heroes!  Ahhh...the end to a perfect evening.

Thanks Derby Girls, it was a blast!
We'll be back to see you again on April 13th.
And yes...I'll be ROCKING this new T-Shirt:

Better late than never, huh?

For more information on the league: CLICK HERE to visit their website!

For tickets to join the revolution: CLICK HERE to visit BrownPaperTickets!


  1. Our daughter "Jackie O Noyoudidnt" skates for the Pistolwhippers and every time we go down for their bouts we have a blast! Great people, great drinks, great food and a great time! What else can you ask for?

  2. Dennis,

    Thanks for reading and leaving the great comment.
    We'll look for your daughter in April!


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