Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pink w/ The Hives at The Palace - Concert Review

Pink's 'The Truth About Love Tour' hit The Palace of Auburn Hills last night and wowed a sold-out Michigan crowd.  The tour is an all out assault on the senses with the ridiculously talented Pink claiming her rightful status as one the best entertainers in the business. This high-flying spectacle of a rock show delivered great music, great acrobatics, and great fun.  It's always wonderful to see a concert in The Palace without the dreaded black curtains covering up empty seating and Pink made sure that every fan in the arena, from the exclusive general admission floor section all the way to the top of the rafters, got some attention .

The Hives opened the festivities with a fabulous set of "REAL LIVE ROCK N' ROLL BY A REAL LIVE BAND".  This Swedish group was a bold and fantastic warm up choice by the headliner and they burst through the early audience chatter with an energetic set of fast-paced rock.  Pink made a point to thank The Hives during her set and gleefully announced that she is "soooo much cooler with them on the tour now." 
I agree!

This five piece band really cooks and they worked hard to win over the unsuspecting Pink fans as they trickled down to their seats.  With a classic two guitar + drums + bass + captivating front man set up, The Hives put on one bombastic rock show.  Dressed completely in Black and White formal wear, they left quite an impression on me.  The lead singer, Pelle Almqvist, moved like Jagger but reminded me more of
Iggy Pop in a Top Hat and Tails.  If these guys ever come back to Detroit, I am going to see them again! 
My rating of their performance = a 29 out of 5 !

I definitely saw some firsts last night (which is saying something after all the shows I've racked up) and here's a quick rundown:
  1. I've never seen a front man enter the crowd and climb through sections of lower level seats while GRAZING on audience members' popcorn and drinking their beers! - courtesy of The Hives' Pelle Almqvist
  2. I've never seen a LONGER microphone cord allowing above-said front man to venture deep into the Palace arena while never missing a beat! - courtesy of The Hives' Pelle Almqvist
  3. I've never seen a front man introduce HIMSELF during band introductions! - courtesy of The Hives' Pelle Almqvist
  4. I've never seen an artist actually FLY above the Palace crowd straight over almost every seat in the house from the stage to the upper level and everywhere in between! - courtesy of Pink
  5. I've never seen so many well executed TRAP DOORS in such an elaborate rock stage! - courtesy of Pink
  6. I've never EVER seen a better stomach on an entertainer! - courtesy of Pink 
  7. I've never seen women literally start fist fighting ON CUE once Pink sang the line "Na-na-na-na, na-na, na...I Wanna Start A Fight" from the monster hit 'So What' - courtesy of the well-mannered beauties seated next to me in Section 102
Pink and The Hives.
Go see them if you can!


  1. Replies
    1. Hey Melissa,

      I didn't clock them but it had to be a 45-50+ minute set. They just kept getting better and better. I was sorry to see it end!

      Thanks for reading.

  2. This is the first time I've ever posted anonymous on something, it feels a bit strange, but I don't have a blogger so I kinda have to lol.

    The Hives are phenominal, I've never seen them personally but I love their music and it blows me away everytime. They played the Jools Holland New Year's Hootenany in England and I was in a pub in Ireland watching an absolutely attrocious pub-rock band (if you could even call them that, one guy with a guitar and a laptop covering the Stereophonics all night) while the Hives were on TV in the background. I spent a least half the night either watching the Hives with no sound or waiting for them to come on lol.

    1. Case in point, great stuff lol

    2. Thanks for the leap of faith into anonymity!

      Wow, they were fantastic! I can't get over how well they worked a non-interested crowd and kept on going. Great bands demand attention and this is a Great Band!

  3. A friend and I opted to drive up to Indianapolis to see the Hives headline there Monday night rather than shell out ~$100 to see them open for Pink here in Louisville later this week. Also a 29 out of 5! We were wondering how well their special kind of intense performance goes over in an auditorium half-full of people who might not know their songs. I knew they would give it everything, but I could easily imagine it falling flat. Glad to hear they killed. I will definitely tell anyone I know who is attending the Pink show to GET THERE EARLY and see The Hives. Thanks for the review.

    1. Thank you for reading it...
      Yeah, they killed.


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