Friday, March 8, 2013

Tame Impala in Concert St. Andrew's Hall Detroit

On a well-respected recommendation I checked out Tame Impala at the always cool
Saint Andrew's Hall last night in Detroit.
This Australian group rocked a sold out crowd and put on quite a performance,
although I'm not sure how to classify these guys.

Since they were brand new to me, I will attempt to define their sound for you
in case you're not familiar with the band. 
If you are familiar with the band, please forgive the musing and just enjoy my pictures!

Their own website describes them as playing "psychedelic hypno-groove melodic rock music"...well sure.
Easy enough to understand, right?

Now, I can't just live off that so...

During the 80 minute set, they effortlessly morphed from one genre to another.
At times, they sound like Wolfmother mixed up with Cream
Other times, they chug along with a slow-building Black Crowes-type of groove.
The Lo-Fi fuzz of Doom Rock, perhaps?
Their trippy Spirograph stage-backdrop lends to a early Peter Gabriel-led Genesis comparison.

Just when I am completely stumped, I finally land on this:
Alice in Chains without the heroin-addicted lead singer!

With two albums under their belts, these guys have a unique sound and a bright future.
With most new music being stale and cliched, Tame Impala really brightens the landscape and to be classified as "UNIQUE" is probably my ultimate compliment.

Tame Impala is UNIQUE.
Well done.

Here's the Set List from March 7, 2013:

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