Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Traditional 16th Wedding Anniversary Gift

I Love My Wife.

Today is our 16th Wedding Anniversary and I am still looking for a gift that will adequately express my true love to her...

A quick Google search comes up EMPTY when looking for the traditional gift for a 16th Anniversary!
For some reason, the gift-giving gods skipped over a batch of years leaving guys like me flummoxed once again.
So, in a last-minute game day decision, I declare:

The New Traditional Gift for a 16th Wedding Anniversary = A Blog Post!

Let's face it, babe.
Today is a monumental day that in reality will be spent doing non-monumental tasks.

We both have to work.
The kids have to go to school.
The dog will celebrate our milestone by having an early morning seizure.
The cat, in his own special way, will celebrate by urinating on our son's coat.
Tonight, instead of a romantic candle-lit dinner for two, we'll be shuttling children to and from team practice and trying to make it on-time to a concert.

I know what you're thinking...
Another concert?!

Yes.  An elementary school vocal music concert!
One, which the music teacher has guaranteed, that will certainly make at least one child vomit!
Oh boy, how romantic!

But, it's also the First Day of Spring.
The start of another new season.
The start of another wonderful year of marriage.

It's going to be a GREAT DAY!

I Love My Wife.
Happy Anniversary!


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