Monday, April 8, 2013

Katherine Cimorelli - Turning Tragedy Into Triumph...WITH UPDATE!

Cimorelli Fundraising Concerts - Update!

The two fundraising concerts for the Ron L. Carver Memorial Fund were

Here's a photo of the Malibu Bluffs Park Concert, courtesy of Cimorelli...

Cimorelli LIVE at Malibu Bluffs Park

Here's a photo of the Lighthouse Church in Newbury Park, CA. courtesy of Cimorelli...

Lighthouse Church: Empty and Full!

If you would still like to contribute, please send cards and donations to:
Ron L Carver Memorial Fund 
P.O. Box 19247
Newbury Park, CA 91319

A California tow truck operator, Ron Carver, was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver in Malibu on February 11, 2013. The driver, after striking Carver while he was working on the side of the road, continued on for a few more miles before finally crashing her vehicle into a parked car.  She is suspected of allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.  Ron Carver left behind a wife and three young children.

Katherine Cimorelli, of the sensational singing sister-group Cimorelli, was the stranded motorist that  Ron Carver was assisting that night on the Pacific Coast Highway.
She witnessed the entire accident.

Ronald Lee Carver

God certainly works in mysterious ways.
Presented with these grim circumstances, Katherine Cimorelli and her family have decided to use their gifts and talents to positively affect all those involved in this tragedy by staging two Fundraising Concerts to benefit the Carver Family.

The first Cimorelli concert will be held on Friday April 12th
at the Lighthouse Church in Newbury Park, CA.
The second Cimorelli concert is scheduled for Sunday May 5th
at Malibu Bluffs Park in CA.

I recently got the chance to ask Katherine a few questions about the night of the accident and the upcoming concerts...

Katherine, how has the support of your family helped you personally get through these tough times?

  - It's been essential for me to heal and get through this.  The day after the accident, I sat down with them and we talked it all out.  That was the first step for me in expressing all I felt in the aftermath.

Can you ever expect to get over such a tragedy?

  - Yes, absolutely.  Through support from family and friends, prayer, and God's healing hand, anything can be overcome, no matter how horrific.

What exactly happened to your car that night that led to you needing roadside assistance?

  - It had been acting up for awhile and as I was driving that night, the emergency light came on.  I pulled over and called my brother and my friend Skyler to help me, and as my brother was checking out the engine, the battery died.  After the accident, it was in the shop for an entire month getting tons of repairs.  I don't know much about cars but I heard it was something to do with a coolant spill onto some important parts of the engine.

What advice do you have for young drivers that find themselves in trouble on the road?

  - Stay as far away from oncoming traffic as possible.  I had called my dad that night and luckily he had firmly warned me about drunk drivers, and he told me to get as far away from the road as possible while I was being assisted.  I didn't take that seriously before, but now I do.

Have you had the chance to meet the driver of the car that caused this tragedy or had any contact with her family?

  - No I haven't, but she and her family are in my prayers.

Is it difficult to forgive someone that has caused so much pain and suffering?

  - I think it is initially, but in the end it all comes down to forgiveness and love.  Holding a grudge does nothing to the person you're angry with, and ironically only hurts the grudge-holder.  It's normal to be angry at first, but it's better for one's mental health and sanity to move on in peace and forgiveness.

What is your personal stance on alcohol and drugs?

  - I honestly don't see much good coming from their use.  I just celebrated my 21st birthday alcohol-free a few weeks ago and I have made a choice not to drink or do drugs ever in my life.  And I am obviously very opposed to drunk driving, and very aware of the consequences of it.  It's a serious issue and people need to be more respectful of the fact that driving is a privilege to be taken seriously, and that it can seriously endanger others.

What can you tell me about Mr. Carver's wife and children?

  - They are really good people - honest, hardworking and kind.  I have faith that God will heal them, and provide all that they need.

Whose idea was it to host the two fundraising concerts?

  - It was my idea.  I really wanted to do something to help this family, and also to heal from this horrifying experience.

How has the response been from the local community?

  - Absolutely incredible!  People all around town have been asking about it, and how they can help.  It really shows the compassion of humanity and has been so powerful and encouraging for me.

How can people outside of Southern California donate money to help this family?

  - We have set up a PayPal account so people everywhere can donate.  Everything is appreciated and I am so grateful for everyone's help in this!  Thank you all!

Thank you, Katherine!  
Your positive attitude, unwavering faith and generous spirit sure continue to shine brightly considering all that you've been through.  Your ability to accentuate the positive and to turn this tragedy into a triumphant opportunity is extremely inspirational.

If you are inspired by Katherine's words and would like to make a contribution of your own to help out the family that tragically lost their father, please consider donating to the Ron L Carver Memorial Fund.
Any amount is appreciated...great or small!

Imagine the impact if every member of the CimFam gave just $1 to the cause!
Tell your parents, tell your friends, and tell your neighbors!
It's safe and easy and you'll feel good about doing it!

If you have a PayPal Account,
you can simply TRANSFER funds to this email address:

Log In to and head to "Transfer"... "Send Someone Money..."
If you need more information on PayPal Transfers, please CLICK HERE

or... you can mail your donations, cards, and letters to:
Ron L Carver Memorial Fund
P.O. Box 19247
Newbury Park, CA 91319

100% of the proceeds collected online through PayPal and at the above address, as well as the money collected during the two fundraising concerts, will go directly to the wife and children of Ron Carver.


  1. Katherine, you are a beautiful human being and I admire you for everything you do. Your kindness never fails to astonish me.
    You can inject joy into what you do and into those who surround you. This is a great, great gift. Well, actually YOU are a gift! THANK YOU, KATHERINE! – Alice

  2. I always think Katherine has a golden heart <3

    1. Sure seems that way, huh?
      Thanks for reading.

  3. I was think trying walking tha country to help raise money. I feel I need to do some more then give money. Katherine you are a gift from God. Your boyfriend is a lucky guy. Thank you so much.

    1. Nice sentiment.
      Just keep spreading the good word!

    2. Christina is the only Cimorelli sister with a boyfriend... :P

  4. Speechless, that's all I can say. I'll keep on spreading this around with the help of the CimFam. You're extraordinary, Kath! <33 -The Other Alice

    1. Thanks so much, Other Alice!
      Go CimFam, Go!

  5. kath is one of my role models and this is one reason why. she thinks of others all the time. i first found out about the accident from a poem that she wrote about the night and it broke my heart. but seeing all that she is doing to help the family touches my heart. I love you Kath!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Bailey!

  6. This obvioustly shows how BIG Katherines heart is! its unbelievable how one person can help and do so much for a family. This really means a lot and makes Katherine an even BIGGER role model. I am still praying for this family, and if every CimFam helps, I can't imagine the HUGE IMPACT it would have. YOU ARE AMAZING KATHERINE for wanting to do SO MUCH for others!!!
    - Carina G

    1. Thanks Carina and Thanks CimFam!

  7. Katherine's words really inspired me. She's such a good person! She is a gift from God! <3

  8. I know that the CimFam is going to spread this like crazy! I read somewhere that the number of people at the concerts aren't expected to reach over 1,000. They will, the CimFam is always willing to help :)

    1. Dear CimFam...
      You are incredible!

  9. CimFam is so AWESOME!!!! considering that it was not her fault that he died, they are doing a fundraiser for the family anywas!!!!!! And I admire that....They are my role modles and always will be.
    Love you Cimorelli!!!!!!1
    -♥Savannah McKnight♥

  10. Hello I'm from Mexico send my donation by letter and in truth and hope wholeheartedly that this family Carver gets well soon my prayers are with them .... I also wanted to see if you could please send their autographs if!??? my Twitter fer_suarez25
    Cimfam forever ... I love you I love you and I encourage you always know that we will support... <3
    Please Reply

    1. Thanks for reading Fernanda!
      Stay positive!

  11. omg i love cimorelli

  12. wow- that sooooooooooo sad

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  14. I am sooooo sorry for your loss.

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