Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The J. Geils Band To Open For Bon Jovi in Detroit

Bon Jovi wsg The J. Geils Band at Ford Field July 18, 2013.

So let's just say that you are Jon Bon Jovi...
leader of one of the biggest Rock Groups in the world.
You announce a new World Stadium Tour and your LEAD Guitarist and #1 Band MATE,
Richie Sambora, goes missing.


Well that can't be good news...

Then a funny thing happens and tickets aren't really selling all that well to your
new World Stadium Tour, especially in Detroit.

Now that's really bad news...

So Jon Bon Jovi did the best thing he could possibly do to stop the bleeding and hired a new opening act...

The J. Geils Band!

J. Geils is LEGENDARY AND HUGE here in Detroit and this announcement should certainly generate some more ticket sales. 
Good choice, Bon Jovi. Good choice.

But, in my humble opinion...
The J. Geils Band should never have to open for anyone ever again.
Especially here in the Motor City.

Get your tickets now!
(Even though they've been on-sale since February!)

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