Wednesday, May 8, 2013

'Dave & Chuck The Freak' to Replace 'Drew & Mike' on WRIF

Drew & Mike are out at WRIF
and Dave & Chuck The Freak are in.

The iconic Detroit morning show hosts are being dropped, according to Greater Media,
on May 17th.  No word on whether or not they will be live on-air until then.

We all know that the radio business is a brutal one, but I'm drawn to this story because of the way it leaked out.  Bill Shea, a fine reporter for Crain's Detroit, broke the news this morning via his blog and expertly used Twitter to promote it.

See Bill Shea's Blog by CLICKING HERE

The sad part of the story is the human element of surprise that resulted from his first tweet.

Trudi Daniels, the fantastic co-host and contributor to the Drew & Mike show, apparently picked up on the shakeup of her own job via this tweet...
at the same time as everyone else!
I could almost feel the pain and doubt reading her incredulous request for confirmation.
Take a look at these screen shots from the Twitter feed earlier today...

In today's world of instantaneous news,
I find it extremely depressing that you could learn of your own "firing" via Twitter.
Aren't we all better than this?

On second thought, please don't answer that question.

Note to Bill Shea:
I'm certainly not blaming the messenger. I appreciate your fine reporting and your solid interaction with me on Twitter.

Let's hope that Drew & Mike get a chance to have a proper on-air send off
for the sake of their listeners and their entire morning crew.

Their team, including Trudi, deserve that much.

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