Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Do You Blog or Do You Write?

I miss writing.

Before I created this "Blogger" alter-ego, I used to write.

With a pen.
On some paper.
Or in a journal.

My best work would typically, and rather inconveniently,
pour out of my brain while I was driving.
I would hastily scratch away on scraps of paper
and once I'd pulled safely over into some random parking lot,
I'd transfer my thought straight in a journal.

Regardless of the outside temperature, I would religiously open the sunroof and angle the car to allow for the maximum amount of sunshine to reach my face.
Only at that point would I begin to write.

Once the inspiration had been captured, I'd tuck the journal back into the car-door
compartment and be on my merry way.

Arriving early for an appointment,
I opened my car-door journal today and found it dusty and dirty and sad.
A neglected old friend.

The last entry was dated 3/17/2012.

As the sunroof slid open, I grabbed a pen...

Special thanks to Veronica Varlow for inspiring me today.
She has just a KICK ASS blog that I highly recommend.
Check out her Danger Dame Diary by CLICKING HERE

So...do you Blog or do you Write?
Or do you do BOTH?


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