Thursday, June 13, 2013

An Open Letter To Metallica RE: Orion Music + More Festival

Dear Metallica,

On behalf of Detroit Rock City, I implore you to return to Belle Isle.

You absolutely MUST bring your Orion Music + More Festival back to our fair city in 2014 and 2015.

A momentous shift is occurring here in the Motor City and you have the unique opportunity to play a huge part in the stabilization of an entire community.
We're talking next level stuff here, boys...

Music has a special way of bringing people together and when you brought 40,000 people down to Belle Isle over the weekend something magical happened.
Love, Joy, Excitement and Togetherness all collided.
A bond was formed.  A bond so vital that it absolutely should not be broken.

Not now.
Not next year.
Not ever.

I witnessed first hand the pride and empowerment that Orion Music + More brought to the rocking people of Metro-Detroit. Your festival instilled a sense of hope that has been missing here for years and I thank you.  Detroit has the legacy of greatness when it comes to music, yet we've been floundering without direction for the last decade or so. It hasn't always been easy here and it hasn't always been fun.   Just as the city teetered on the precipice of darkness, light seems to have finally returned to our horizon.

Detroit will persevere because of it's hard-working people, it's dedicated business owners, and it's hopefully straight-shooting political leaders. But Detroit has a chance to truly thrive and prosper because of it's modern-day luminaries and people like businessman Dan Gilbert.  And people like you: James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo.  You four guys have the chance to achieve an exalted status in this town unparalleled in today's modern times.

The gorgeous and spacious Belle Isle site has unlimited potential.  Any of us that were there for Orion 2013 know that now and we all had a BLAST!  The good word will spread like wild fire and the ticket buying public will be back bigger and stronger next year, no doubt about it.

As a Volunteer Team Leader working for your top-notch production company, C3 Presents, I am humbled and honored to say I played a small role in the success of Belle Isle's Orion festival. In fact, it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. C3 is clearly in business to make people happy and they did just that over the weekend; making adjustments on the fly, flattening unexpected speed bumps and FIXING problems as they occurred.

If C3 is on-the-fence about returning here next year, please personally step in.  Look deep into your hearts, and deep into your wallets if necessary, and DEMAND THAT C3 SIGN A LONG TERM CONTRACT WITH DETROIT!  I apologize for the dramatic tone of my plea, but we need you Metallica.  We really do.

So James, Lars, Kirk and Robert...
Bring back your families and bring back your friends.  Bring back your die-hard international followers and bring back your dedicated Fan Club.  Bring back your music-loving, car-loving, film-loving, skateboard-loving, horror-loving fans.
And bring back the curious.
Detroit will once again welcome them all with open arms.

Thank you and brush your teeth with Rock N' Roll.
Sincerely yours,

Kurt Schwarz

P.S.  Please feel free to bring dehaan back with you, too.  
Those guys seemed pretty damn cool!

cc. C3 Presents
      Austin, Texas

Just slap the "To Detroit:" label on this Road Case again, please!

The Volunteers Will Be Ready!


  1. amen to everything you said.

  2. awesome.. it was a pleasure to volunteer lead with you.. we rocked it.. and yes Metallica.come back.
    Belle Isle is my favorite place ever.. this event made it possible to see the potential of this island.. do it again

    ~doxie from Detroit

    1. You sure are an easy person to like, doxie!

  3. That is a very nice plea from the heart Kurt! I loved getting to meet you and our fellow volunteer leads at the 2nd Annual Orion Music + More Festival. We all had a blast and I would love to do it next year. If the Festival is held in Detroit again, I'm going to fly and save myself the two days I lost driving from back and forth from Maryland. :D

    ~ Sheryl

    1. Hope to see you again, Sheryl!
      Thanks, it was a pleasure working with you.

  4. More blogs need more pleas for their attention and commitment to come back to Detroit. Soooooo upset I missed it. LOVE Metallica.


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