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The Rolling Stones June 3rd at The United Center - Concert Review

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"Rolling Stones Week" came to an explosive finish Monday night in Chicago with the third and final show at The United Center.  I made the I-94 Pilgrimage yet again, this time with my 15 year old son for his first Rolling Stones concert and my twenty-third!

Once again, armed only with an $85 confirmation code, we waited in the designated Will Call line to be given our plain white envelope.  An envelope filled with hopes and dreams!  And this time, we found ourselves pulling FANTASTIC Club Level seats with a perfect view of the stage!

The Stones mixed up the set list, as they have typically been doing, in the middle section of the concert. With this show being the third one in the same city, the choices were a tad bit obscure and I'm sure it was a way to pacify the die-hard fans who've been screaming for change.  The first example came with the inclusion of 'Sway' featuring Mick Taylor on guitar.  While the Sticky Fingers classic thrilled me, it sent the majority of the screaming and dancing crowd back down into their seats, including my son.  I, of course, take full blame for the fact that he didn't know this one!
Unfortunately, he and the rest of the audience weren't energized with the next one, 'Live With Me', either.

Mick Jagger then introduced "one of the first songs that Keith and I ever wrote"...
'As Tears Go By'. Shortly after the first few lines of this gorgeous rendition, Taylor Swift appeared to perform the song as a duet with Mick.  As the two held hands, twirling and dancing their way through the tune, Ronnie and Keith provided a beautiful guitar backdrop to complete the oddly romantic moment.  The use of Swift as a Special Guest on this song left the arena crowd stunned and buzzing with amazement.
"You Didn't Expect IT, Did You?" asked Jagger.

Our View From Section 234, Row 7!

The Stage During 'Doom and Gloom'

Keith Richards mixed in 'Before They Make Me Run' after 'You Got The Silver' in his two song set before the absolute monster that is 'Midnight Rambler' shook the building to it's core.  Honestly, I wish I could watch this song play out live every night for the rest of my life.  This tour's version, with Jagger's harmonica and the added guitar work of Mick Taylor, so closely rivals the 1969 "Get Your Ya Ya's Out" classic that

From our mid-level vantage point, I studied Jagger and his uncanny ability to connect with every single section of the building.  He has a way of working the crowd throughout the course of a show, with the added benefit of the Tongue-shaped ramp, in a way that you feel a personal connection with him no matter where you are seated. I swear, he was staring and gesturing DIRECTLY TO ME on two separate occasions. Extraordinary.

I'm so incredibly glad to be given the opportunity to attend a Rolling Stones concert with my son in the year 2013.  A shared musical experience that will forever be etched on our minds. Reflecting on our seating location, I don't think I could have hoped to even pick a better spot for the two of us.  We lounged in super comfortable leather chairs in the private concourse before the show, eating pizza and ice cream bars while catching the hockey game on a flat-screen TV.  Our section held quite a few fellow $85's, but I know for a fact that the guys sitting next to us paid $600 EACH for their seats.

Thank You!
And Thank You!

Here's the two of us thoroughly enjoying the spoils of the "Lexus Club"
at The United Center:

As the band took their final bows, I was overcome with bittersweet emotion.
This was the last of my three shows on the "50 & Counting" tour
and I'm left craving more...
I Can't Get enough Satisfaction and I hope this tour,
like my lifetime love affair with The Stones, never really has to come to an end.


  1. What time have they been coming on and ending?

  2. Hey schmeds!
    Thanks for reading. Are you going to one of the upcoming gigs?

    For all three of my shows, the ticket start time read: 8:00PM. On stage approx 8:45-8:55PM and Off stage approx 11:10-11:15PM Hope that helps!


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