Monday, June 3, 2013

The Rolling Stones May 31 at The United Center - Concert Review

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The Rolling Stones blew away the windy city Friday night and continued the rocking onslaught of what is becoming the best tour of their career.
After 50 years, how is it possible for a rock n' roll band to get BETTER in concert?
And Yes, I do mean BETTER!
The May 31st United Center concert was truly phenomenal!

Since the '50 & Counting' Tour is strictly hitting a limited number of large target markets, I was forced once again to hit the road and drive to Chicago for another fix of The Stones.  Holy #@&% am I glad I did!  With only the mysterious $85 Will-Call confirmation code in our hands, my brother and I drove over from Detroit and went straight to the designated pick up gate to have our seating location revealed.

The line to get in through the doors was packed with smiling faces filled with hope and optimism. The line to get back out the doors...not so much.

A table with stacks of plain white envelopes filled with tickets for randomly located seats lay spread out in front of us. Damn, this process is nerve-racking!

After triple checking my ID matching my address and my Ticketmaster confirmation code, I was NOT given an envelope off the top of the stack but instead directed to see "Mr. Nate" further down towards the end of the table.
"Are you going to make us happy Nate?" I asked cautiously.
"What would make you happy?" he responded without any emotion.
While desperately trying to still look and stay cool, I quietly said..."Pit????"

Nate slapped Tongue Pit tickets down on the table and I proceeded to completely freak out.

The Elusive $85 Tongue Pit Ticket!

Let me tell you something about the $85 Tongue Pit Tickets:
They're Real and They're Spectacular!

Still utterly frozen in amazement at our luck, we positioned ourselves against the inside back rail of the general admission pit right at the bottom of the "Tongue-shaped" ramp. A spot that gave us a righteous view of the stage and allowed for us to simply turn around and hang on the edge of the ramp anytime one of the Stones ventured out for a spin around the pit.  We met some incredibly cool people waiting for showtime, most of which had paid $1,500 (!) for their Pit tickets, spotted Bob Seger and his family seated in the lower level section next to us, and soaked up the pre-show buzz that roared throughout The United Center.

The concert itself was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!

The Rolling Stones at The United Center 5/31/13

I'll attempt to humbly sum up the performance with a checklist:

  • The "Greatest Rock N' Roll Band In The World" On Stage = CHECK.
  • A Set List Filled With Songs Spanning a 50 Year Career = CHECK.
  • Excellent Sound System = CHECK.
  • Ronnie Wood Playing The Best Guitar Of His Life = CHECK.
  • Keith Richards Focused And Locked In On His Performance = CHECK.
  • Charlie Watts Smiling More Than He Has In His Entire Career = CHECK.
  • Mick Jagger Playing Harmonica & Moving Like A 20 Year Old = CHECK.
  • Mick Taylor Joining His Old Band-mates For Three Songs = CHECK.
  • One Of Which Was 'Can't You Hear Me Knocking (!) = CHECK.
  • Sheryl Crow's Stellar Guest Appearance On 'All Down The Line" = CHECK.
  • A Chance To Sing 'Happy Birthday' To Ronnie And Charlie = CHECK.
  • Keith Richards & Ronnie Wood Performing 'You Got The Silver' = CHECK.
  • Rare Performances Of 'Shine A Light' And 'Emotional Rescue' = CHECK.
  • No Smoke And Mirrors, Just Flat Out Rock N' Roll Genius = CHECK.

The stage screens during 'Tumbling Dice'

I'm in awe of this group's ability to continue to raise the bar on how to properly entertain a paying audience.  While most people their age are riding off into the sunset, The Rolling Stones keep riding down the touring road taking no prisoners and leaving everyone giddy in their wake.

Sheryl Crow with The Rolling Stones!

This isn't just a tour to fondly remember the past.
This is a tour to solidify a legacy.

Mick Jagger on the Tongue Pit Ramp!

No band can ever hope to achieve the level of concert perfection like 
The Rolling Stones have had during their ageless career.
No one will ever be this good again.

I'm warning you: Don't Miss This Tour!
Although, the way they are might not be their last!

Kurt and Brother Mark in the exclusive Tongue Pit!


  1. Thanks for not mentioning that I was a bit "tounge tied" when we met "MR NATE" to pick up our Pitt Access wristbands! Incredible show!

  2. Souds like you and your Brother Biffed It Up!!

  3. Next time invite me!! Timmy


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