Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ryan Braun Is A Liar and A Cheater

Major League Baseball is imploding once again and my baseball-loving kids are confused and hurt and angry.  Ryan Braun, from the Milwaukee Brewers, has been suspended for the rest of the season and now we all wonder who will be next?

Baseball players aren't role models, say some.
Baseball players are only human, say others.
I get that, but...

Let's face it, my children look up to ball players.  Why wouldn't they?
The MLB markets our "national pastime" to the younger generation by hyping everything that is great about the game, including its star players.  And now some of its biggest names are tied to an ugly PED scandal with drugs and scumbags and scoundrels dominating the news.

Here's my take:

MLB players don't HAVE to be role models,
But they don't HAVE to be liars and cheaters either.

When you play a game for money and fans line up to see you swing the bat and run the bases, then you are in fact held to a higher standard.  I am truly saddened by the lack of integrity and character in today's role models.
As a dad, I'll explain it to my kids without pulling any punches.

Some guys chose to cheat and they got caught.
Now they will be punished.

Its a sad and sick time in baseball.
Last night, with the news swirling about Braun's suspension and A-Rod and Jhonny Peralta potentially on the black list as well, we all would have normally been glued to the TV watching the Tigers battle the White Sox.

As Max Scherzer took on Chris Sale in a division rivalry game, we went swimming.
We played Wiffle ball in our own backyard instead of watching our "heroes" play at U.S. Cellular Field. We enjoyed each other's company.

Under a gorgeous full moon on a wonderful Michigan summernight,
baseball just didn't seem to matter as much.

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