Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Concert Review: DTE Night #7 - God Bless Kid Rock

Kid Rock and his "Best Night Ever" Tour lit up Clarkston Michigan once again on Monday evening with Night #7 of a glorious and triumphant home stand. The incredible record-tying streak of eight sold out shows at DTE Energy Music Theatre continued boldly on and as the KID himself said last night...

"Seven down...One to Go!"

On an absolutely stunning summer evening, Kid Rock blasted through a set filled with Old and New, Rock and Soul, Country and Blues, Hip Hop and Metal.  Just another typical 'Detroit Love Fest' that this area has come to expect and appreciate.  And with tickets only $20, the old Pine Knob was packed from the front row of the pavilion all the way to the top of the lawn with people having fun.

Sunset at DTE before Kid Rock Show #7

With our LAWN tickets, we grabbed a perfect spot on the Hilltop Deck railing and soaked up the atmosphere below.  I still truly marvel at the power of Kid Rock as a performer.  He is a spectacular entertainer and unequivocally the World's Greatest Detroit Supporter.  He has the unique and special gift to make people feel appreciated and still stay cool as hell.  With the ever-expanding catalog of hits and the musical chops to back it up, it's impossible not to love this guy.

This tour, and it's innovative pricing structure, is shaking up the concert industry this summer.  From what I saw at DTE, the strategy of low tickets prices coupled with nightly "specials" is bringing the crowds out in droves.

$20 Tour T-Shirt for the Wifey = Check.
$25 DTE Show #7 Concert T-Shirt for Me = Check.
$10 'Rebel Soul' CD with proceeds going to the Shriners = Check.
$4 Bad Ass Beer = NO.  (Sorry Kid, I don't drink alcohol but my brother bought one!)
Watching a Sold Out Monday Crowd Partying like it's a Saturday Night = Priceless.

Eight Shirts for 8 Sold Out Shows!

The show began with a pre-recorded prayer thanking God and Jesus for the chance to entertain the good and hard working people of America.  This guy is tried and true, Red White and Blue.  He did sound like he might be tired, in which case I wouldn't blame him.  I wonder if it's harder for him to be in his hometown for two weeks straight than it would be to be out on the road without all the inevitable distractions.  I'm sure his house has been rocking!

As the Kid exited the stage after a bombastic 'Bawitdaba' encore,
he left the crowd screaming for more with a final message:
"God Bless You, Michigan."

To which I say, thank you.
Don't ever stop and don't ever compromise.
God Bless YOU, Kid Rock.

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