Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Toledo Mud Hens Baseball With The Dog!

Sure, Hot Dogs and Baseball are a natural combination...
But in Toledo on Tuesday night, the Mudhens hosted some real hot dogs.

It was "Hens and Hounds Night" at the Fifth Third Ballpark and the five of us went down to watch the game. My son and I spotted the promo for this event and we jumped at the chance to bring our golden retriever to the ballpark. Moondog needed his own $7 ticket to join over 100 other dogs and their owners, with all the proceeds from that going to the local Humane Society.

What a blast!

The kids dressed in their Mudhen T-Shirts and Moondog sported his fancy Bow Tie and we all sat in the sun on outfield picnic tables. You could get Milk Bone dog biscuits with your hot dogs at the concession stand and the Toledo Humane Society had water bowls and kiddie pools set up to cool all the hounds down.

This was definitely one of those events that looked all wacky and crazy on paper...
In reality, it was completely wacky and crazy in person too!
Buying these tickets was a perfect example of my motto to just "Do Stuff".
I mean really, how many kids can tell their friends that they went to a Minor League ballpark with their DOG?? mine can!

We met some great dogs and some great people, all the while helping a great cause.

Moondog decided the best view of the action was on TOP of the picnic table and he absolutely LOVED all the resulting attention!  The weather was positively PERFECT and the Mudhens won the game 5-0.

After the game, the dogs were invited to "Run The Bases" under the lights and a full moon shone over the Big Screen as we rounded the diamond.  How Beautiful!

Thank you Toledo Mudhens!
Our family had a memorable evening and we will definitely be back next year!


  1. I was at the game last night as well. I had little blue dog. love your golden. We have 2 13 year old goldens of our own and I am positive at some point last night my husband came up to you and talked goldens. I think he talked to every golden owner and petted every golden dog at the park last night. just can't resit. Great looking dog and family.

    1. It was a wonderful evening wasn't it?
      Thanks so much for the compliment and for reading!
      And yes, we saw your little blue dog!

    2. what makes you say that? I try not to support anyone who wants to control my guns. have I slipped up here with supporting the humane society?

  2. Thats pretty cool. The only downer is -- the humane society is one of the largest anti-gun lobbyists in the country...


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